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Residential Design Service


Initial home visits are free of charge


We recommend an initial free visit for us to meet and discuss your design brief and aspirations. Homes are such personal spaces, so there is tremendous value in getting to know you, your personality and style. We like to work in a collaborative way, carefully listening to you to ensure your wishes are met. It is important that you feel at ease with a designer who will be working on your home, so this is an opportunity for you to meet us and chat about how the process works.


1) Newbuild or extension projects


From planning drawings to pure interior design, or a combination of the two, Space:craft can offer a variety of project services. Integrating interior design into your newbuild home or extension at an early design stage is incredibly rewarding, allowing seamless coordination between the architecture and interior fit-out. This allows opportunity for bespoke fitted design items to be fully integrated into the architecture. Window, door and partition positions can be tweaked to be exactly compatible with furniture and fitting sizes. Electrical services can be positioned precisely where required, and extra partition support can be built in for wall mounted fittings.


Note: If your project includes a home extension, we offer preparation of tender & planning drawings for a negotiable fee. Please contact us for a free home visit and quote.


Our interior design services start with concept design, space planning, mood/sample boards, product ideas and can follow right through to detailed specification of kitchen & sanitary ware, floor coverings, wall & ceiling finishes, light fittings, furniture, bespoke joinery & accessories. We also provide 3D virtual models of room proposals, technical drawings and full product schedules.


Space:craft has a wealth of experience in coordinating proposals with other consultants whilst schemes are on the drawing board. Contact us to discuss your exciting project and for an individual fee quote. We can arrange a fixed fee based on an agreed scope of work, or can work on a rolling time fee basis.



2) Showhomes


Successful showhome designs are a different skill to personalised schemes. They are achieved with a careful balance between enticing style, character and atmosphere, and adequate neutrality for a wide demographic to envisage their own lives, families and furniture fitting into the space. We understand this balance, and offer stunning finishes, furniture & fitting specification packages, including kitchen & sanitary areas, to suit this need.




3) Refurbishment & Individual room projects


For existing homes we offer a room by room service. Fees are negotiable for multiple room projects. Contact us for a free home visit and individual fee quote.


Stage A - Survey & photography:


This includes detailed measuring and photography of the room, including surveying loose or fitted items to be retained.


Stage B - Initial concept design:


During this stage we will build a 3D computer model of the room, then prepare a design proposal board for you to keep. The board will present our proposed style, 3D space planning, early product ideas, colours, textures and mood for your room. We will present this to you and take your feedback. You may then choose to take this information and create the design yourself, or we could help you take it through to the following stage below.


Stage C - Full drawing and specification package:


If you wish us to take your project through to detailed design and completion, we will formalise our appointment through the RIBA ID/10 form of agreement. As the requirements for each project are unique, we will produce a quote for each project on an individual basis.


Services for this stage typically include:


- Production of drawings for use by decorators / electricians / contractors.

- Typical drawings: wall, ceiling & floor finishes lighting & furniture

- Bespoke joinery design drawings for unique fixtures and fittings.

- Bathroom and kitchen drawings.

- Product samples

- Full scheduling of all proposed products with costs.

- Visits during construction.




We can arrange a fixed fee based on an agreed scope of work, or can work on a rolling time fee basis. Get in touch for a free home visit and quote.

Travel is free for properties within 25 miles of Cardiff. Mileage beyond this is charged at 45p/mile.



Space:craft Design Ltd is not wed to specific suppliers, nor does it have its own products to push. This allows a completely independent and impartial service when specifying products for your home.

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